Grow your business, Faster with the right amount of CRM features.
Integrated central platform for Lead Management, automated closure process reducing the sales cycle. A new-age CRM for your business - with ease of managing it through your mobile device.
With LeadGlint CRM, you can set up customer accounts in seconds, view, edit & manage leads/customer details including contacts & communications, assign leads/customer accounts to sales team with one click, and create unlimited customer records.
Lead Capturing
With LeadGlint CRM, gather all inbound leads from various digital marketing campaigns, social media, landing pages, ads, cold calls in a structured central on-cloud database. The intuitive, easy to use & customized design enables you to be in control of the lead generation campaigns and not let any leads fall through the crack.
Lead Qualification
The tool enables you to review and qualify the captured leads as per your own business parameters, extends the feature of segregation of leads in defined categories to be passed on to the relevant teams/people. You can create customized communication campaigns for prospects based on the qualifier tag - in one go!
Lead Distribution
LeadGlint CRM allows you to very effectively allocate the leads based on the qualification or any other custom tag with its inbuilt communication capability. Save hours of futile effort in sending out individual emails to sales team by copying information, avoiding the changes of error which might lead to potential loss of opportunity.
Lead Life-Cycle Tracking
Manage and track a lead from Entry to Closure - with all the communication, remarks, phone call transcripts and other key information captured by the team, which otherwise is managed in multiple sheets by multiple people. The mobile app enables the sales team to enter all information in run-time with ease of use - making it convenient to manage.
Sales Cycle Management
The tool enables the sales team to send emails to prospects with custom templates, set reminders for meetings/calls, input key information for reference, create notes for delivery/legal/accounts team to refer during closure of the deal. All the steps in a sales cycle are integrated in the tool to provide a comprehensive solution to customers.
Analytics & MIS Reporting
As they say - 'What gets Measured, gets done.' For any lead generation campaign to deliver desired results, its imperative to assess the performance timely and calibrate the course. Advanced reporting capabilities of LeadGlint CRM does exactly that by enabling users to extract meaningful reports to provide a comprehensive view of the lead life-cycle.

LeadGlint CRM offers hassle-free Customer Relationship Management

Integrated Sales Tracking
Track the status of every lead allotted to sales reps, receive updates about the meetings & calls done and view progress on every lead, in real time. Integrated features make it most suitable for a complete sale lifecycle.
CRM On-the-Go
The mobile app empowers the sales team and other users to view and update information on real-time basis, on their smartphone. You can share files, catalogues, brochures, quotes, contract reviews – with centralized database.
Integration Support
We support the customization of the CRM app & tool the way you want it, make it white label to use it in your business templates, marketing material or advertising campaign - ASK US and we will do that for you seamlessly.
Automated Communication
LeadGlint CRM allows automated yet interactive interactions with clients as well as within the sales team with personalized email and related templates. It allows sales reps to focus time & energy on sales – that’s what you want, right?
Lead Indicators for Action
The inbuilt features of calling and sending email directly from the tool to a client, setting up reminders for follow-up, warning flags to if a task is missed, sending auto updates for every closure of lead (win/loss) ensures that no task is missed.
LeadGlint Ecosystem
The platform allows businesses to expand the possibilities of generating more leads and closing more sales by integrating it with other lead-generation tools of LeadGlint, leveraging on the power of digital marketing and making it a unique proposition.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

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