LeadGlint have worked with a variety of organisations over the years.

Our industry-focused expertise enables us to understand the complexity of each organization’s mission. Whether you want to market your products, services or a brand, we are able to provide unique solutions, specific to your organization’s goals and objectives. Some of the industries we work with include the following areas:
Engaging your patients with personalized & timely communication.
Send your patients helpful information and healthcare tips at every single interaction.
Trigger-based appointment or prescription refill reminders to patients.
Take appointment, Send Reminders and Share post-diagnosis notes and more.
Reach them on the channel of their choice email, text messages, phone calls or patient portals.
LeadGlint APIs, Services and webhooks help you integrate your patient portals or website.
Real Estate
Buying a home or Office is one of the most important and big decisions for the majority of the people - hence is one of the toughest one too.
No wonder Real Estate is the most advertised segment across industries these days with every supplier trying to woo the customer with its offers.
However, the priority of today's real estate customer is TRUST and LOYALTY before anything else.
In order to compete in such a dense environment, suppliers need a revolutionary solution that can help them stand out.
LeadGlint provides the required solutions, customized to the needs of the industry, ranging from generating relevant leads to effective management & reaching out, Reviews & Ratings, ability to create various campaigns, engaging with customers and converting them into the brand ambassadors - all in one place and in the most cost-effective way.
The solution provided most effective measurement tools to calculate the ROI for the business, to make the most of the spend on the campaigns.
With the ever-increasing number of brands entering Hotel Industry, it is difficult than ever for mid-size hotels to be afloat in the market and enjoy the share of the pie. Customers are being lured by heavy discount offers and other marketing tactics by the brands to attract and retain them.
To be able to compete, Hotels need a multi-channel marketing strategy - LeadGlint is the solution for that!
LeadGlint helps Hotel brands to globally reach more consumers with customized campaigns to increase the volume of online visitors, in turn driving more sales.
The solutions offered help you promote your hotel to your target audience, increase your visibility and conversions.
One of the challenges in front of the restaurant business is to exploit the power of social media to increase their customer base and build brand loyalty.
The key thing that helps restaurants stand out in the competitive market is by creating an excellent digital experience for its customers to make them come back again and even bring in more customers through recommendations and referrals.
LeadGlint has been developed precisely for that reason - to help the Restaurants unleash the power of Digital World and accelerate the brand's success.
LeadGlint helps you grow your customer base with lead generation and management, email management, boost social media engagement through Social Logins & Feedback campaigns, create impactful landing pages & referral campaigns, custom reward plans and many more compelling digital marketing activities.
LeadGlint allows you to build and monitor Brand Advocacy to help you keep your overall strategy on the right path of growth.
Salon & Spa
We understand that the services offered by the Salon & Spa businesses mean much more to the customers - who visit them to get pampered and boost their self-confidence.
It is much more than a product being sold - it's rather a personal statement of lifestyle.
For such a business, marketing strategy has to revolve around the lifestyle of customers to make them come back.
LeadGlint is the ideal choice for Salon & Spa businesses to acquire, convert and retain customers.
It enables the business to reach it's customer much after they are gone from the store.
Tours & Travel
Travelling has taken up as an integral part of lifestyle by people across the globe.
As per researches, more than 60% of Leisure Travelers take 1-2 vacations every year and they put a lot of thought into planning these trips.
On top of that, more than 30% of the travelers would take a trip even if they weren't planning to - if presented with a promotional offer.
Almost half of the millennial travelers discover new travel companies while researching on mobile devices.
More than 60% of travelers start researching for their next trip before one to three months of third planned travel date.
All these statistics point toward the fact that digital media is the present and future of Travel Industry.
Travel companies which are not leveraging the Digital Media - must be losing out on sales, partnerships and those last minute bookings.
LeadGlint does exactly that for the Travel & Tour companies.
The singular platform brings together all available digital marketing tools in one place to leverage them for generating & closing more sales.
It helps Travel brands make EXPERIENCE the center of their marketing strategy and get consumers more excited about their upcoming offers.
By offering great experience, they can solicit feedback, sharing, word of mouth marketing.
The biggest challenge faced by the Education Industry is that it deals with new audience every year.
Students & parents head to internet as their first option to search for best schools/colleges/universities/courses instead of personally visited the institution.
They create an impression about the institute through its online presence from its website and social media handles.
In current times, its imperative for any education institute to have its digital marketing strategy in place for growth - be it website, blogs, SEO, social media handles, email marketing, advertisements etc.
LeadGlint gives the cutting edge to Education Institutes by offering all the requisite marketing tools as a package for Lead Generation, Conversions and Reputation building.
It provides the platform for institutes to maintain a log-term relationship with it's audience through various tools for engagement.
It offers business benefits in terms of high conversions, improving brand image, seek immediate feedback, measure results with analytics - in turn boosting overall profitability.
Retail, E-commerce
In the era of online shopping, the customers are more savvy than ever.
The challenge faced by the companies in Retain industry is not only to beat the marketing strategy of the competitors but more than that it's converting the existing customers into loyal affiliates, who sell for them.
The User Generated Content is the key differentiator in this business segment with Reviews, Ratings, Feedback, Surveys, Price Comparisons are assisting prospective buyers to take well informed decisions - in turn providing an exceptional Customer Experience.
For the Retailers & E-commerce businesses who want to develop authentic user-generated content - LeadGlint is the ideal solution.
LeadGlint integrated the overall marketing strategy for businesses across all channels by optimizing our solutions.
Financial & Insurance
In a rapidly progressing digital landscape, it's imperative for Financial Service providers to go digital and employ strategies that can help them grow and retain customers.
Unlike most of the industries, Financial Services are more focused around the Awareness among the customers.
The products and services in this industry are more than often too complex for majority of people to understand easily.
Hence, the brands which are creating informative content are building value for customers - in turn gaining the trust of target market, which gives them an edge over the competitors.
LeadGlint solutions for Financial Services companies are so designed to create the digital strategy in a hassle free manner to provide unmatched customer services to their customers by guiding them throughout their buying journey.
The platform blends all the key components of a winning strategy - Data, Marketing & Technology to put the business on the growth path - supported by string analytics feature to steer the course.
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