Generate qualified leads with intelligent & interactive custom Lead Capture Forms - provide improved experience to users and increased conversions to business.
LeadGlint enables its users to create personalized lead capture forms across their websites, in the simplest way - no coding required. You can add a custom title, logo, background image, description, button text to create a clear Call to Action for your visitors.
Select a form template
LeadGlint offers strong API based form designing, which can create effective forms to capture leads for all types of business needs, be it demo requests, webinar sign-ups, business enquires or similar requests. The templates enable you to add custom logo to match your brand identity.
Build custom form
Build the desired form without any knowledge of coding with LeadGlint API based tool and designer for your website/portal. The intuitive feature of the API allows you to create a form with drag-and-drop capabilities. Add business specific data fields which can boost the conversion with easy-to-use features of the tool and save time & effort.
Capture Leads
Add freshly designed Lead Capture form to your website/portal and you are all set to start capturing the leads. The intelligent design of the platform sorts and stores all details of the visitors in the central Lead Management System with required markings.
Organize & Monitor data for performance review
The in-built Analytics tool enables you to review the performance of the Lead Form - from Generation to Conversion. The feature of segmenting the leads based on pre-set parameters helps in effective analysis of the campaign. The timely review helps you to make necessary changes in the plan to boost lead quality and effective ROI.

Create Your Lead Capture Form

Intuitive Form Designer
Add your company’s logo and color theme to match your brand identity – creating a personalized experience.
Style your form
Easily add questions or fields as per your business, create multi-step forms, and add new fields to capture specific information.
Easy Integration
Integrate LeadGlint Referral tool with your existing website, mobile application and other leading platforms.
Ease of use
Highly convenient for you to create attractive Lead Capture forms and for visitors to fill information, boosting generation.
Organized Data for Sales
Capture and organize the leads data in a structured format for effective turn-around of your sales conversion cycle.
Intuitive analytics
Detailed reports on campaign performance, user behaviour, the reward code of the referrer, leads generated and much more!.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

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