email marketing platform
Email Marketing
Grow brand and drive more revenue with personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Create beautiful campaigns through visual editor
  • Manage list and subscribers
  • Monitor campaign performance with in-build analytics
  • Schedule and automate transactional and promotional emails according to the conditions that you set up
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email marketing platform
SMS Marketing
The best SMS/Text alerts and marketing platform for businesses
  • Increase sales with bulk SMS/Text messages
  • Send personalized SMS/Text messages
  • User-friendly list building and sending capability
  • Retain customers with engaging notifications
  • Automated SMS/Text drip Messages
sms marketing platform
whatsapp marketing platform
WhatsApp Marketing
Easily connect with your customers and grow your business through WhatsApp
  • Engage Customer by sending engaging messages
  • Send video, images with action buttons
  • Secured Messaging Channel
whatsapp marketing platform
Campaign Automation
Understand, segment, schedule, and engage users by sending personalized automated messages
  • Create personalized, automation marketing workflow; deliver omnichannel campaigns in seconds
  • Engage users across multiple messaging touch points
  • Schedule and send automated messages
  • Journey Designer, triggers, scheduling and predefined templates
campaign automation platform
marketing orchestration platform tool
Campaign Orchestration
Create, deploy, and analyze campaigns across multiple channels to build personalized customer experience.
  • Drag and drop actions, triggers, and conditions to create custom journeys
  • Design cross-channel on boarding, retention or reactivation journeys
  • Personalize the communication at every touch-point of the customer journey
  • Tailor your communication based on your customer’s actions, likes, preferences, geo-location and other dynamic inputs
  • Real-time metrics tracking to optimize your journey’s effectiveness
marketing orchestration platform tool
Email Drip Campaign
Increase conversion and retention by sending automated emails to specific audience
  • Turn subscribers into advocates through easy lead nurturing campaigns
  • Avoid mistakes and say no to time-consuming tasks
  • Segment your target audience into more targeted groups based on their actions
  • Run personalized drip email campaigns based on the user’s behaviors
email drip marketing platform
hyper personalized communication platform
Hyper-Personalized Communication
Hyper-personalize every interaction and send out highly curated products and content to shoppers
  • Push consistent messaging across channels like email, SMS, push and more
  • Create personalized campaigns for all stages of the Customers’ Lifecycle
  • Engage customers in more meaningful ways and improve the overall customer experience
  • Individualized customer experience using real-time and behavioral data
hyper personalized communication platform
Easy Integration
Integrate LeadGlint Referral with your existing web & mobile app and other leading platforms.
Completely Automated
Perform hassle-free tasks from creation of new campaigns, notifications, coupon code generations to tracking and report generation.
Intuitive Analytics
Detailed reports on campaign performance, user behaviour, the reward code of the referrer, leads generated and much more!
Advanced tracking features
Manage the sales done through each campaign with details of the revenue generated and rewards given to customers.
Ease of use
Highly convenient for you to create attractive campaigns and for customers to sign up and refer friends, boosting acquisition.
LeadGlint Eco-system
Expand the possibilities of landing more leads by integrating with other lead-generation tools of LeadGlint, making it a unique proposition.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

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