The key aspect of Social Media Marketing is the Content Sharing by the users, which builds a community around the business as well as brings new customers onboard.
Companies are spending a substantial portion of their marketing expense in making Social Media work for them, LeadGlint can do all that for you in a much efficient way.
Social sharing is a great way of driving more traffic for businesses. Reward website visitors to share out content, in turnget more visitors and more links to your site, making your business page feature on top of search engines, driving more traffic to your page.
Incentivize Customer for Sharing
With SocialGlint Social Sharing tool, you care create a ‘Share and Win’ promotion on your site will prompt visitors to share your products, services and brand with their friends. It allows you to attract more customers to share your content by offering them real time rewards. You may run incentive based social sharing campaigns & contests and offer coupons etc. for promoting your website.
Prompted Sharing
The feature allows your customers to use the social media network of their choice instantly to share the content with their friends & family. They can choose to share it on the pages they manage or groups they are members of – instantly. This eases the entire process of sharing for visitors and captured relevant data for you; a win-win!
Reward Super Fans
With LeadGlint advanced analytics, you can identify few customers who have been consistently showing appreciation by sharing your content. Recognize them and incentivize them out of the turn to make them a part of your marketing campaign. You can give them preferential access to new items or reward them with other incentives as in your campaigns.

Business is all about relationships, make it simpler for your customers to get into one with YOU!

Ease of Use
Setting up the Social Sharing feature on an existing website or a new landing page is easy. It’s equally convenient for users to click and share the content on their social accounts or directly with friends.
Customized Campaigns
The tool allows businesses to set-up the incentive/reward for users to share any particular content, while setting up a campaign. It can be done conveniently with the intuitive set-up feature in LeadGlint.
Easy Integration
Creating and deploying the Social Sharing on a website or a product page can quickly be done with minimum support from our team. We offer managed services as a package for advanced needs of UI/Design & development.
Optimized for Mobile
As users spend most of the time on mobile phones searching and consuming content, LeadGlint tools are designed and engineered to work perfectly on all mobile devices, enhancing overall user experience.
LeadGlint Ecosystem
All the tools in SociaGlint platform are tightly integrated conceptually to leverage the power of various digital marketing concepts. Creating a personalized experience for users based on their behavior can be done with ease.
Intuitive analytics
LeadGlint dashboard provides detailed reports on shares across the social networks to help asses the rate of engagement. The information can be used to drive conversions through the sales process.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

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