When existing customers & users create content for the products & services they have used – it build highest level of credibility for the brand.
The Q&A & Survey tool provides the feature to create forums where visitors can ask questions related to your product/service and existing users can respond with their first-hand experience.
This enables creation of a strong & self-sufficient community that creates more powerful user-experience, for everyone.
Increase Engagement
The tool allows users to login to your site, ask questions, answer queries, share documentations, images – regardless of the location or time zones. The direct feedback by existing customers help in driving the conversation around your product by them answering the queries of new / prospective customers.
Build Insights
Q&A & Survey tool gathers all the relevant information about a user, which can be assessed to ascertain the challenges faced by existing users. The inputs can be used to improve the product / services. The data also confirms the expectations of prospective customers and targeted campaigns can be run for such users.
Create Advocates for the brand
With SocialGlint Q&A tool, you can recognize the key & quality contributors in your community who have been consistently driving the engagement and reward them. Sharing a discount coupon or any similar reward can easily be done with integrated tools in SocialGlint. Rewarding the quality contributors motivates other users to do the same – in turn boosting the engagement in the community.

Build an engaged community

Content display
Display the Q&A, Survey or Questionnaire section on your website/product pages. The link to the page can be shared with users through email/messages to drive them directly to the page for their comments.
SEO Optimization
As SEO is primary tool for online visibility, fresh content by users for the products/services/feedback collected and displayed on the business site boosts the page rank of the website in search engines.
Integration Support
We support the customization of the content the way you want it, make it white label to use it in your business templates, marketing material or advertising campaign - ASK US and we will do that for you seamlessly.
Ease of use
Highly convenient to create & use Q&A/Feedback feature for business and for visitors toask/answer questions about the product / service, create a questionnaire and seek responses, in turn boosting generation.
Detailed Customer Info
Capture all the required information about the customers sharing the question/answer/ feedback to better serve the issue. It enables geo-locating the customer as well for targetted issue resolution.
Fully Customizable
All the features are totally customizable viz. email to request for a answer, the form to write an answer or respond to the survey questions, post feedback email etc. It’s a completely scalable solution.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

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